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Our top Theme Parks around the world

Some of your greatest childhood memories come from theme parks & even as adults – they’re a world of imagination, curiosity and just good old-fashioned fun. In 2019, theme parks are becoming zanier and more over the top than ever before and well, we love it. Here is our pick of the top theme parks in the world!

1. Ocean Park (Hong Kong)

Situated on top of a mountain with breathtaking views over Hong Kong Harbour, this park is renowned for its incredible dedication to the underwater world. From cable cars through the mountains to the infamous Ocean Park Tower (take a camera!) – you’ll be busy all day. They’ve also got Pandas, Sharks, Seals, Otters & Dolphins!

2. Knotts Berry Farm (California)

What started as a small berry farm soon began to grow into a family theme park destination thanks to famous fried chicken dinners, boysenberries and an Old West Ghost Town. Knott’s Berry Farm is bursting with life including entertainment for all ages, first-class roller coasters, stage shows, interactive experiences, delicious food creations and family-friendly fun featuring Snoopy and the Peanuts Gang.

3. Six Flags Magic Mountain (Los Angeles)

We love Six Flags because there is no shortage of rides for the entire family including 11 rides with no minimum height restrictions – for our 3-year old thrill seekers! There is also tonnes of family rides that everyone will enjoy as well as their famous thrill rides like the CraZanity – a record-breaking 17-story tall swinging pendulum. Hot tip: Go on the more popular rides when the park opens or just after 5pm when it’s quieter.


4. California Adventure (California)

The sometimes forgotten ‘little sister’ of Disneyland in Anaheim, California Adventure is home to the thrill rides for the big kids that just didn’t fit inside Disneyland. The Guardians of the Galaxy ride is the first thing you will see as you walk into the park, as well as an almost unlimited list of attractions, shows, presentations & not to mention the famous Mickey Mouse Roller Coaster. You will need at least 1-2 days here to fully explore the park and it’s great for Teenagers on your family holiday.

5. Disneyland (California)

The one, the only – Disneyland. It’s the bucket list destination for almost everyone around the world but we love it so much that we thought we’d touch on a few lesser known things about the park. Ideally, Disneyland is perfect for ages up to 10 years old as most attractions are generally quieter & low-thrill but for the adults – keep an eye out for hidden mickey ears. They’re in the trees, rock formations, rides & the food. So cute!

6. Universal Studios (Orlando)

With other studios in Hollywood, Tokyo, Singapore & Europe – the Orlando Universal is bigger & better than ever. If you are a huge Harry Potter fan (who isn’t?) – don’t miss out on Butterbeer, your house robe & the Hogwarts Express as you spend the whole day exploring Diagon Alley. In the front of the park there are characters from your favourite movies ready for photos, including the very cute Despicable Me ride – when the minions escape! This park is a great way to fill your stay in Orlando and you would easily need 2-3 days to take it all in.

7. Disneyworld (Orlando)

If you thought Disneyland was great, wait until you hear about Disneyworld. Situated in Florida, this gem often gets confused so we did the math’s… Disneyland sits on 500 acres – impressive. Disneyworld & it’s encompassing resorts sit on 27,258 acres of land – the same size as San Francisco. Insane! Included in Disneyworld you have four theme parks & two water parks with over 30 hotel options all on site. From the Epcot Centre to Animal Kingdom, every attraction and detail of these parks is designed for the ultimate family holiday – add it to your list!

Where are you off to next? Our list highly recommends the USA but there are hundreds of options all over the world! Speak to one of our expert family traveller designers: Contact Us